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Matt Cavarlez #312 December 2013 SoCal Trackdays Report

Coming around Turn 16…aka “Patience”…also showing all of my sponsors. Photo taken by Brian Reynolds of Caliphotography

This month there would be no racing.  But this weekend was a three-day weekend at the track.  Friday was the 3rd Annual Femmewalla track day for ladies only.  For Femmewalla I volunteered the whole day to work a corner.  Femmewalla went really smooth and was a great time.

Burst Action Shot at Turn 13. aka “The Bowl.” Shots taken by Brian Reynolds of Caliphotography


Since last time my bike was ridden, my girlfriend #327 Sofia Amadio (aka “The Flying Nun) bought me a bigger windscreen since everyone complained that I need to get into a smaller tuck position to be more aerodynamic.  (I probably need to lose a lot of weight so I don’t have my gut in the way).  I also decided to switch back to stock gearing from my stock front; +2 rear.


Although these changes seemed minor, I was excited to see how much of an improvement I can see and feel with aerodynamics with the new windscreen.  I was not looking forward to getting used to–and establishing new markers due to the gearing change.


My main goals for the weekend were to establish new markers due to the gearing change and develop a rhythm that resulted in consistency.  The second main goal was to get close enough to race pace.  I would accomplish my main goals by staying on track as long as possible and not take many rest breaks.  Secondary goals included suspension adjustments as necessary.


Rounding off Turn 4. Burst shots taken by Brian Reynolds of Caliphotography

Throughout the weekend I spent nearly an hour on the track to accomplish all my goals.  The only breaks I took were to rest and rehydrate–and even those breaks were short.  I managed to complete a lot of laps.  Saturday’s lap times showed times above 2:12s–somewhat disappointing considering the lap times I set myself to hit, but there is always another day.  Sunday’s lap times were unknown because the battery for the beacon died.


However fellow BigHeadz Racing member Price Allen found me on the track and decided to latch on to me for a few laps to try and learn my corner speed through certain corners.  He was also running his GoPro and I managed to make an edit of myself.  It’s very rare to have someone capture me on film.


When I reviewed the footage, my lap times were actually much faster than the day before!  I managed to do lap times around 2:10s with a best of 2:08.79.  I had exceeded my expectations.


Price following me…and also filming me. Photo taken by Brian Reynolds of Caliphotography

Video: Price following me


Although I made some slight changes to my bike and had expectations I set for myself, this weekend felt like another “vacation” from racing where I would just go out and have fun.  I would like to thank all my sponsors that help me with this sport such as Socal Trackdays, Trackdaz, Motion Pro, GoPro, Caliphotography, Leatt, Bell Powersports, Vortex, Ogio, Replay XD, Livewire Energy, Woodcraft CFM, Motonation, Race Tech, Hotbodies Racing, Factory Effex, Surface Sun Systems, Spy, Braking, All Balls Racing.

A pretty damn good weekend. Until next time!!! Thanks again to Caliphotography for making me look good

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