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#327 Sofia Amadio CVMA Round 2 Oct 15 Race Report

Race Report 2016 CVMA Winter Series Round 2, October 17

sofia3This weekend was a short one for me as I had a wedding celebration in my “extended track family” (non-racerfamily, obvious) on Sunday which I attended. Congrats again to Holly and Paul #paully2015. Enjoy the adventure that awaits you!

This weekend brought a first for me… I have never raced a Middleweight before and having expressed an interested in putting a 600 on the grid in Femmewalla, Andy over at APMotoArts had “just the thing.” Together, we (literally and mostly) dusted off an ’05 ZX6RR that he had built in the WSIR days. Getting it passed tech required some back and forth, but the bike started right up and was MEAN even after 3 years under an easyup in a backyard. I got to do two 10min race practices on it before swapping back to my SV650 for qualifying as I would also be returning to the Formula Twins grid this round.

Race 1 was Formula Twins.

It had been a while since I had raced this class and I am 10 seconds off my race pace, but I managed to find a battle with Sam Brandt on the #446 bike. We got dropped from the pack in the first couple laps, and when he stabbed at me I did my best to show him a good time. Together, we dropped from 2:12s to a final lap of a 2:09. When we came in, we pulled off the the side of hotpit to Fist-Bumps and Smiles. It was the fastest he had gone on his SV and I was stoked to be his Carrot. While not a battle up front, it was a Battle and I Loved it.

Race 11 brought Femmewalla.

sofia2With my SV times, I qualified against the wall in the front row of Femmewalla with Juliet Alexander (229) next to me and Elain Carpenter (242) on Pole. I nursed the start, as I had only done one practice start in the morning, and Jen Dunstan (70) Holeshot from the back of the grid. Jen’s Starts are Always Amazing and Awe-inspiring. Juliet and I managed to get around Jen as she is still figuring out the Femmewalla GSX-R of Aimee Grana (despite looking fantastic on it!)
Juliet stabbed at me to make sure I knew she was there. Andy’s parting advice before rolling out was “Keep it on the Pipe.” …Never really done it before but a 15K Rev-limiter just became my shift point. This thing wanted to wheelie off Turn 16, 11, 8, 6, 4… It was a BEAST. I have no idea how much power this thing made, but honestly… Who cares. It was FUN.

The battle for second was hot. Juliet was on my ass the hole race, until the last lap when we got passed by the boys in the race behind us. Being on a smaller bike, Josh Fogle (#2) was right in front of me… I could have rolled on and gotten around him, but I wasn’t in the Out-for-Blood mood and it wasn’t my race… my race was going around me on the outside! More little bikes passed us, and before I could try to reel her back in. I managed to get within a few bike lengths (3/10ths of a second) but finished in 3rd behind her. She did great for her first race weekend! I am Very proud of her!

sofiaFinally, CVMA 2016 Winter Series Round 2 is the end of an era. It’s with mixed emotion that I must announce that I am no long going to run the #327. What? You thought I was done racing!? Hardly! I am making the plunge into the two-digit numbers. It’s time.

It’s with great pleasure that I get to announce that starting with Round 3 I will be represented by the #17. While I will always hold #327 dear to my heart, as it was a tribute to my father’s military service, I hope this change light a fire under me and get my head back in the game as it were.


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