Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing



We unofficially founded BigHeadz Racing in 2003 when a group of us slowed our canyon riding after several crashes and starting riding at track day events. One our first and favorite track day organization was SoCal Trackdays back when it was still held at the Spring Mountain Motor Sports Club. We loved the no session format and became regulars. On the occasions when SoCal was short corner workers we would fill in and eventually took over as their primary corner workers. This one thing, helping to corner work, brought us together every month. It stopped being a track day and became a place to go hangout, help out, and catch up with our friends.

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In 2004,  Jim Cox, suggested we take his new racers school. By doing so we could get discounts through parts manufactures.   After some prodding and poking three of us put the yellow shirts and spent the day learning about flags, rules and other racing stuff that we had absolutely no intention of using. We thought it would be worth it just to get stuff for 20% or off when we needed things.

In 2005, after some joking over a couple refreshments we decided to actually use our race licenses for what it was intended and joined the now defunct Championship Cup Series, South West. We had a great first season with all of us winning a top three in our respective classes. We continued to race with CCS for a couple more years on both the east and west coast.

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Over these past 10 years, our participation in racing has ebbed and flowed for all the obvious reasons, money, time, kids and military deployments but two things have remained constant. Our love of motorcycling and our partnership with SoCal TrackDays. Without them Bigheadz racing would not have lasted past the joke over a beer and that first racing season. We would also not have had the chance to continue to meet and add new riders to our bigheadz crew through our corner working and for those who have the drive to continue on with us as motorcycle racers.

IMG_0224sm327 CVMA rracerpt

Why do we call ourselves BiG HEADz?!

It all started when we began altering different race and track day photos giving each other slightly larger than normal helmet heads. Like the ones you would see in video games when you enabled the cheat codes. It got to the point where we started “upgrading” not only our motorcycle race photos, but non motorcycle related pictures with big heads as well! The name stuck and to this day we continue to (through the miracle of modern science and a rather highly super-technological, molecular digital imaging enhancement system) give our pictures the unique BiG HEADz Racing touch, some of which can be seen on this site.

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