Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing

Nils Jensen

Nils Jensen


Even though I wasn’t allowed to own or ride motorcycles growing up, I always had the sport bike magazine subscriptions. There was just something special about  the idea of what the sport bikes could do, and how fast they could go that completely captured my imagination. Since my parents were paying for the bulk of my college, I honored their wishes and did not get a bike while I was going to school. Having said that, I graduated in May 2006 from SDSU, and had a brand new 2006 ZX6R in my garage in August 2006. I didn’t take long to get some mods done, and become comfortable on the bike… so in August 2008 I did my first track day with TI2TT at Buttonwillow Raceway. I already knew the track fairly well since I had been there several times in my car, but after getting home this time I knew I was hooked. I did another track day at big track Willow Springs a few months later in November, and that solidified my passion for the racetrack. I started buying bulk track day ticket packs and began going 8-10 times a year; tracks like Buttonwillow, Willow springs (Big Track and Streets) and Spring Mountain Raceway. I eventually started to corner work with TI2TT, and they yielded even more track time. Then, in April 2010, I started corner working with SoCal Track days at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. I really enjoyed this track, since it was brand new and flowed so nicely. Since then, I feel very comfortable on track and while I’m not the fastest guy out there, I feel like I have improved a lot over the years and look forward to improving even more.


2006 Kawasaki ZX6R-

This was my first bike, and I learned a lot on it. Obviously, this is a very powerful bike to learn on but I really think I would have upgraded to a 600cc after a few months of owning a starter bike, so I just bit the bullet and took my time learning. This bike was mostly my street bike, so I kept the mods kind of basic. It had a KR tuned full exhaust, PCIII, Brake pads, Scotts steering Damper, Stomp grip and a wind screen. This bike was dyno tuned at Lee’s Cycle and put out 117hp. I sold this bike in March 2011 with just over 10,000 miles on it.

2003 Kawasaki ZX6R-

I bought this bike in October 2009 from an AFM racer who lived in San Jose, Ca. I wasn’t looking for a track only bike at the time, but when this deal came up I couldn’t say no. The bike had low miles on it, and had every mod you can think of already done, plus came with tons of spares. The first day I rode this bike was at Streets of Willow, and I immediately found myself running faster than the “B” group pace I used to run with my 2006 ZX6R. I bumped up to “A” group that first day and never looked back. I felt very comfortable on this bike, and even though it wasn’t all that new, it felt so light and toss able compared to my street bike that I couldn’t help but go faster. The full suspension and gearing installed helped a lot, I’m sure. I sold this bike in November 2011 to help pay for my new Honda CBR 600rr.

2007 Honda CBR 600rr-

This is my current race bike is a 2007 CBR 600rr, and I bought it with only 1,200 miles in 100% stock condition. The bike had been laid down in Hollywood, ca on a twisty road, so I got the bike for a very good price. I had the frame straitened at Dr. Johns frame repair, bought some new wheels and started adding parts. The bike currently has Ohlins 25mm in front, Ohlins TTX in the rear, Bridgestone R10 tires, Hotbodies bodywork, Magura M/C, Ohlins Steering stabilizer, motion pro quick turn throttle, Vortex clip-ons, woodcraft rear sets, Carbone Lorraine C59 Pads, PZ Racing GPS lap timer, TI-Force full Titanium exhaust, PCV, 520 chain w/ -1 +3 gearing, and some other misc mods. I really enjoy this bike because it feels a bit more stable than my Kawasaki did, and I find myself running 3-4 seconds a lap faster with the same amount of effort. Very stable under braking and the Chassis feels great.

What I can do for your company-

As a corner worker for SCTD, I am exposed to a lot of racers as well as track day riders every month. These make up roughly 90% of the people who would and do buy your products. The exposure to these types of potential customers is huge, and will be a constant reminder that your product is something they should be interested in. Even though I do not race currently, I do plan to race in the near future, and once I do the exposure will increase. In addition to exposure at the race track, I would be able to give you exposure via face book, where I have a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts as friends. A lot of them would like very much to get into racing or track days, and when they do your company will be in front of them before they decide where and what to purchase.

If you would like to contact me, My email address is Nils.Jensen@Gmail.com. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.