Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing

Price Allen #750

CVMA #750

I riding back in 1993 when I bought my first motorcycle, a ’93 Suzuki Katana. Rode that for a couple of years then sold it. A couple of years later I decided to get back into riding again and picked up a ’97 YZF1000R, soon followed by an 01 Suzuki Hayabusa. From about 2000, I started attending track days. In early 2004, I picked up my current racebike, a 2000 ex-Brian Parriott AMA GSXR750.

Starting in 2004, I attended my first corner working gig with the AMA superbike races at Miller Motorsports. From there, I started to corner work for SoCalTrackDays as a corner worker and Control Rider. I also corner worked for Take It To The Track, as well as Keith Codes racing schools. The main element is that I’ve been a SoCalTrackDay Control Rider for over 5 years. Considering that SoCalTrackDays cater to the very experienced track day riders, as well as amateur and expert racers, there was a tremendous amount to learn simply riding and observing among other very fast racers.

In 2012, I decided enough was enough and it was time to start racing. Although the bike is ‘old’ by todays standards, it is very visible with its current Rizla replica ‘rattle-can’ paint job. (Later on this year, I will be getting a new paint job with very bright colors including Rizla blue and other flourescents).

Because the 750 is modified, I race in the Amateur Formula Open class. I also race in the Vintage Heavy class, and will sometimes race in the Open Shootout class (mostly with Experts) just to learn and get that extra tow. Racing will resume in Fall of 2012 and into 2013. Future racing plans include the above classes along with possible endurance trials as well.

2000 ex-Brian Parriott AMA Suzuki GSXR750

This bike is Brian’s ‘A’ bike, where he finished off the 2002 season as 1st privateer, 6 overall in the AMA Superbike Championship. The only bikes that placed higher were the factory supported. Bike is complete with built White Tip Racing motor, LE GSXR 1000 fork, Penske AMA rear shock, Carrozzerria wheels/wave rotors.

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┬áIncluding racing, the motorcycle is very visible, with its bright colors on an ‘older’ motorcycle. Other racers and observers do remember this motorcycle well. Further more, being a control rider for SCTD’s, the bike is again very visible to track day participants. This allows the motorcycle to be extremely prone to contstant exposure, as it is regularly seen at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway two weekends of the month or so because it is present for both the CVMA races as well as the SCTD track invitation.

The motorcycle is currently sponsored and supported by MoPowerSports, Lindermann Engineering, and BigHeadz Racing