Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing

Bill McCoy #20

Competition Number: 20

License Status: Expert




I’ve pretty much lived my whole life in Southern California, where I grew up surrounded by motorcycles. My grandparents rode. They taught my mom and all

my aunts and uncles and by the time I was 4, they had taught me too. Motorcycling has been a lifelong passion for me. While other hobbies have come and gone, I could never (and have never wanted to) get motorcycles out of my head.

With my mom’s help, I bought my first street bike two weeks after graduating high school, a 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane. I spent the next couple of years

trolling the canyons and hitting the race track when I could afford it.

Eventually, life set in. By 1990, bikes were still an interest, but they took backseat to other obligations. I spent most of my 20’s riding dirt occasionally and mostly without a street bike. But they were still my passion. When I saw the stats on the 1998 Yamaha R1, I had to have one. So I searched high and low and eventually located R1 #161. R1’s were a HOT commodity in the early years. For the next 18 months or so, the R1 was my canyon and occasional track day bike. My wife and I were raising my son and didn’t really have the ability to dedicate time or money to track riding. So after a good run of 18 months in the canyons and 1 or two trackdays, I parked the R1 and it sat — for a few years.

In 2003, and in my 30’s, I had finally reached a point where I had a little extra time and money to play. A good friend at work talked me into doing a trackday at Pahrump (now known as Spring Mountain Motorsports Park). Sure enough, I was hooked again. I came back month after month religiously as our group grew to as many as 13 close friends all riding together.

Of course, when you get a bunch of guys together at a race track, one of them is bound to throw down the gauntlet. I’m not sure who fired first, but I was at Pahrump pretty much every month for the next 7 years. Two or three of us really took a serious approach to our riding and through competition, peer pressure, encouragement, and sharing lessons learned we built a foundation upon which I continue to build to this day.

What talent I have now, I owe to my good friends Pat Chiang, Mark & Pete Moebius, Bob Munger, Rueben Arellano. They were my motivation to push harder, go faster, brake later.



2010 BMW S1000RR (factory quick shift, no ABS, no traction-control)

Tires: Pirelli slicks

Bodywork: Armour Bodies, Puig Windscreen

Controls: Brembo RCS 19×18, Spiegler brake lines, Carbon Lorraine C59 brake pads, Woodcraft clip-ons, Attack Performance rearsets,

Air/Fuel/Exhaust: K&N air filter, DynoJet PowerCommander PCV, Akrapovic Evo full exhaust

Chassis: Motoholders fairing stay, Motoholders subframe, Cox radiator guard, Yoshimura engine guards and frame sliders

Suspension: Ohlins steering damper, 30mm NIX cartridges, TTX shock



2011 CVMA

Open Shootout #2, Formula Open #1, Formula 40 #2, Open SuperSport #3,

2012 CVMA

Open Shootout #3, Formula 40 #4, Formula Open #5

2013 CVMA

Open Shootout #5,  Formula 40 #4, Formula Open #6


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