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John Reynolds CVMA#6 (619)

John Reynolds CVMA #6 Race Resume

web smallBiography: Started riding in 1985 on a Honda 750 interceptor. Over the years I went through a handful of sport bikes but it wasn’t until 2003 when I moved to San Diego that I truly learned how to ride them. I learned quickly that the canyons and mountains of Southern California were no place for someone whose primary experience comes from riding on highways and back roads in the South East. I crashed several times that first year and decided that it was time to go to a track and learn to ride better. SoCal Trackdays became my home away from home where I took the star school with Jason Pridmore. After Star I took the New Racers School with Jim Cox Racing and began racing CCS South West in 2005/6.

My 2007 racing season was interrupted by a move to Virginia and a military deployment. In 2008 I joined CCS Mid Atlantic and raced through the 2009 season only to have to sit out the 2010 season serving my country overseas. After moving back to California in 2011, I started racing in the Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA) where I placed 4th overall in SuperSport Twins and Modern Vintage Light Weight (Formula rules). During that 2011 season I was on the podium in more than half of my races and was always in the top five. The 2012 Season was difficult. CVMA eliminated the lightweight stock twins class and I found myself struggling to keep pace with formula prepped competition. By 2013 I was back in the running with my own formula prepped SV650 which led to a great 2013 and 2014 season, placing 6th overall in points, winning the Formula 40 Championship, and placing 4th in my other two race classes.

Accomplishments to Date:

2014 CVMA (6th over points Champion)

Participated in 40 races. Finishing with 3 wins and 27 top 5 and 9 top 10’s.

Formula 40 Lightweight #1, Formula 2 #4th, Formula Twins #4

2013 CVMA
Modern Vintage Lightweight #2, Formula 40 Lightweight #3, Formula 2 #4th,

2012 CVMA
Modern Vintage Lightweight #6, Formula 2 #19th, Formula Twins #17

2011 CVMA
Lightweight Shootout #7, SuperSport Twins #4, Modern Vintage Lightweight #4

Goal for 2014-2015: To improve my placement in the 2014- 2015 CVMA Winter Series and to represent my sponsors and team with consistent podium finishes. The bike will see some suspension upgrades from In-House Suspension and motor work by APMotoarts which will hopefully help me reach this goal.

 Web Presence:
 Bigheadzracing.com Team Profile Page
Hook-It Profile John Reynolds

Race Platform: Formula Suzuki 2001 SV650

  • Stock frame & swing-arm
  • 649cc V-Twin with all-Intake cams.
  • GSXR600 Forks w/ Traxxion-Valves & springs
  • Ohlins Rear Shock
  • Woodcraft hard parts:
    • Rearsets
    • Clipons
    • Frame Sliders
    • ArmourBodies bodywork
  • M4 Full Racing Exhaust

 Existing Sponsors:

Scorpion Helmets                               Racers Edge / Pirrelli
WoodCraft / Armour Bodies            M4 Exhaust
AP MotoArts                                        In-House Suspension
Replay XD                                            Shorai Power
SoCalTrackdays                                  SPY Optics
ACT Racing                                         619 in a turnSIDI / Motonation
Warrior Foundation / Freedom Station

What I could use to support my Race Career:

  • Assistance with tire costs ($2800 annually approx.)
  • Assistance with Race Entry Fees ($2500 annually approx.)
  • Discount on retail products

What I will do for you and your Organization:

  • Talk up your products in social media platforms Twitter, Facebook & Hookit as well as at face-to-face situations such as charity events or bike nights around San Diego.
  • Display your logo on my motorcycle
  • Display your logo on my transport vehicle
  • List you as my sponsor on my entry form and on the podium