Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing

Sofia Amadio # 17

Sofia “theFlyingNun17” Amadio

theFlyingNun17-draftBiography: The 2016 CVMA Winter Series represents my 5th year of racing. This past year was Exceptionally difficult. There are more reasons to stop racing than I can count… but I only need one to continue. This is what I do. To do anything else would be a sin against my very nature.

I got into racing in September of 2011. I corner work for SoCalTrackdays with fellow members of the BigHeadz Racing crew, and began pitting with them thus becoming a member of the team. I graduated to Expert in half of a season knowing it was going to be the school of hard-knocks. I showed up on the radar of AP MotoArts after a few trips down to their pits, celebrating some awesome battles. Andy has since taken me under his wing and has been working with me to hone my skill & mindset.

I found myself on the podium a few times last year, on days when the fast guys either went home early or crashed out. I am looking forward to actually being a bit of a pest this year. I want to make it harder for them to run-away with it.

Why #17?  I will be running the number 17 starting in Round 3 of 2016. The reason for the change was in part to take advantage of the opportunity of a two digit number, as well as taking possession of my racing activities. Previously, I had been running the #327, which was my father’s squadron during the majority of my childhood.  He retired a Lt. Col. after 33 years in the US Airforce flying C-130s. I carry enough into the race weekends that I am going to try lightening my mind by not overloading meaning on every aspect of my activities.

Why Purple? I like purple 😉

Goal for 2015-2016: Get  back on the horse. I took the 2014-2015 Series easy. The previous year, while successful, was hard on me financially. Additionally, there was the stress of loss and family illness that complicated my efforts. This year will be about getting my head back in the game and having fun again. I am exceptionally excited as I have already found some solid races with some new faces this year and I look forward to continuing this trend.



  • CVMA 2015 Expert Championships
    • 8th Formula Twins
    • 11th Femmewalla
  • CVMA 2014Expert


    • 5th Formula Twins 
    • 5th Femmewalla
    • 8th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2013 Expert Championships

    • 9th Femmewalla
    • 14th Lightweight Shootout
    • 20th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2012 Expert Championships

    • 10th Femmewalla
    • 18th Lightweight Shootout
    • 26th Formula Twins
    • 30th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2011 Amateur Championships

    • 1st Amateur Supersport Twins
    • 5th Femmewalla
    • 10th Amateur Formula Twins

Web Presence:


Race Platform: Formula Suzuki 2007 SV650

  • Stock frame & swing-arm
  • 649cc V-Twin with all-Intake cams.
  • GSXR600 Forks w/ Ohlins Valves & .90 springs
  • Race Tech G3S Shock
  • Woodcraft parts:
    • Brake Guard
    • Rearsets
    • Clipons
    • Frame Sliders (under bodywork)
    • Tire warmers
  • Bazzaz FI+QS+TC & ZAFM
  • M4 Full Racing Exhaust

Existing Sponsors:

AP MotoArts
Torco Lubricants

ACT Racing
Impact Safe-T Armor
Scorpion Helmets

What I could use to support my Race Career:

  • Assistance with tire costs ($2800 annually approx.)
  • Assistance with Race Entry Fees ($2500 annually approx.)
  • Discount on retail products

What I will do for you and your Organization:

  • Talk up your products in social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Hookit as well as at face-to-face situations such as the Femmewalla Charity event at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway or Bike Nights around San Diego.
  • Display your Logo on my motorcycle
  • Display your Logo on my transport vehicle
  • List you as my sponsor on my entry form and on the podium