Tall Tales about Amatuer Motorcycle Racing

Sofia Amadio

Sofia “theFlyingNun327″ Amadio

Biography: Entering my 4th year of racing, I have beaten the average lifetime of the typical racing career. I am happy with that, but not happy enough to call it good enough. I am still in; I don’t see an end to it. I got into racing as it was the natural progression of the passion for the sport; it’s the ultimate expression in my opinion.

I got into racing with my friend Christin “Invisible-E” Voros in September of 2011. I corner work for SoCalTrackdays with fellow members of the BigHeadz Racing crew, and began pitting with them thus becoming a member of the team. I graduated to Expert in half of a season knowing it was going to be the school of hard-knocks. I showed up on the radar of AP MotoArts after a few trips down to their pits, celebrating some awesome battles. Andy has since taken me under his wing and has been working with me to hone my skill & mindset.

I found myself on the podium a few times last year, on days when the fast guys either went home early or crashed out. I am looking forward to actually being a bit of a pest this year. I want to make it harder for them to run-away with it.

Why #327?  It was my father’s squadron during the majority of my childhood.  He retired a Lt. Col. after 33 years in the US Airforce flying C-130s.

Why Purple? My mom’s birth stone is amethyst.   While my dad is hugely not-a-fan of my riding motorcycles, let alone Racing them… my mom has been an epic supporter.

I carry pieces of everyone I meet with me, but my parents are with me always & all ways.

Goal for 2014-2015: The 2014 CVMA Winter Series was a huge success. It ended in a spectacularly painful way, but the series proved to me, unequivocally, that with perseverance and focus I can achieve my goals. Not only did I hit my goal of 2:00 laps at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, but I ended up hitting a new personal best of 1:58.5. I raced through some ugly opposition including physical pain, proving that I am the master of my destiny and I can conquer biggest opposition; My self.

2014-2015 will be all about consistency. I know that I can continue to push my limits and get faster and faster at the expense of falling down, but I would like to Marinate in this new found speed. I know that I am close to the front of the pack, and I need to focus this series on consistently hanging with them. Fewer crashes and more podiums. I know the speed will follow.



  • CVMA 2014 Expert Championships

    • 5th Formula Twins 
    • 5th Femmewalla
    • 8th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2013 Expert Championships

    • 9th Femmewalla
    • 14th Lightweight Shootout
    • 20th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2012 Expert Championships

    • 10th Femmewalla
    • 18th Lightweight Shootout
    • 26th Formula Twins
    • 30th Formula 2
  • CVMA 2011 Amateur Championships

    • 1st Amateur Supersport Twins
    • 5th Femmewalla
    • 10th Amateur Formula Twins

Web Presence:


Race Platform: Formula Suzuki 2007 SV650

  • Stock frame & swing-arm
  • 649cc V-Twin with all-Intake cams.
  • GSXR600 Forks w/ Race Tech Gold-Valves & .90 springs
  • Race Tech G3S Shock
  • Woodcraft hard parts:
    • rearsets
    • Clipons
    • Frame Sliders
    • ArmourBodies bodywork
  • Bazzaz FI+QS+TC & ZAFM
  • M4 Full Racing Exhaust

Existing Sponsors:

AP MotoArts
Torco Lubricants

WoodCraft / Armour Bodies
Bazzaz Inc
ACT Racing
Impact Safe-T Armor
Scorpion Helmets

What I could use to support my Race Career:

  • Assistance with tire costs ($2800 annually approx.)
  • Assistance with Race Entry Fees ($2500 annually approx.)
  • Discount on retail products

What I will do for you and your Organization:

  • Talk up your products in social media platforms Twitter, Facebook & Hookit as well as at face-to-face situations such as the Femmewalla Charity event at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway or Bike Nights around San Diego.
  • Display your Logo on my motorcycle
  • Display your Logo on my transport vehicle
  • List you as my sponsor on my entry form and on the podium